Saturday, March 5, 2011

Do you hate it when people touch your stuff without your permission?
Well i DO!
I HATE it when people touch my stuffs. anything dat belongs to me.
They jus came into my room starts touchin my things. its like ahhhhh. it really annoys me.
so when i leave, make sure dat i had to put my stuffs into my closet. and lock my room..

well at least ask me u kno!? perhaps it won't bother me.


  1. ughhhh neither do I! I'm only child in my family, I guess are u too? hehe

  2. nope i've sister and lil brother.
    they don't really bother me.
    coz they know about me well.
    and i miss them so much:) iwanna go home.
    it is jus that people who comes to my house all the time.

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